The Sweet Princess


The Sweet Princess


Once upon a time there was this Princess

So sweet and pure, and yet,

There was no frog for her.


Every night she would sit on her Treetop,

All ready to share herself, and yet,

There was no companion out there.


With the coming of the rains,

She took off her dearest dress,

So that Jupiter would look at her,

And yet, she found herself unnoticed again.


All she craved was being loved by a true soul,

so as to create sweet tadpoles

of her blood and flesh.


Oh, Princess, that precious spirit of yours

will not fill your womb nor your empied hole.

No frog, no toad, no mating soul,

Just the Tree Reign and yourself.


At the end of time

—when the age for love had flown away—,

For as much as she hoped and prayed,

She learned she was doomed…

To be loved only by herself.


Fitzroy Chevalier

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